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Reporter: Coping through climbing, West Midlands Paraclimbing club is the only club in Birmingham for people with physical and mental disabilities.

Katherine: It's just a lot of people who understand that y'know everyday it is a challenge and they support you if something goes wrong. They're there, they understand if you don't feel like participating you can come and just sit.

Reporter: They began Just over a year ago, after keen climber Sophie Campbell and her husband Tigs decided to create their own charity.

Sophie: Um, I made him go climbing because he had been climbing before and we realised how good it is for rehabilitating our bodies. So we thought actually, this is something we could do to help others and there's so many people that think "Oh I can't do that", but actually, they can. So we've sort of enabled them to do it.

Reporter: Katy, who has Cerebral Palsy, has been climbing at the Redpoint Indoor Climbing Centre for the past 9 months.

Katy: I'd been told that I can't do things because I'm disabled and the minute I came here and joined the club, no one ever mentioned the word can't and that's been so liberating.

Reporter: The volunteer run group meets every Friday and hope to secure enough funding to have more outdoor based activities in the future. All to show reaching new heights is for anyone and everyone. Alfa ???, BBC Midlands Today, Birmingham.