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Fig Four was developed to simulate climbing with technical axes on ice or mixed routes. It utilises a completely different range of muscle groups and can suit individuals with poor hand mobility or damage or even loss of upper limbs. We have discussed the possibility of creating a prosthesis with a prosthetic centre to meet this requirement. Those that have taken part in the workshops so far have really enjoyed the new techniques they have learnt. Please contact us for further information on these workshops and if they might be suitable for you.

Kam with fig fours with Katherine ready to belay.
Mary climbing with fig fours at Redpoint Birmingham.
Kam Climbing with fig fours at Redpoint Birmingham.

This workshop was inspired by talking with John Churcher, GB Paraclimber, and initially developed for RSVP (Rape and Sexual Violence Project, Charity no. 508669) and Sosaa (Survivors of Sexual Abuse Anonymous, Charity no. 1158391) in Birmingham. Within this workshop we challenge our inner critics, that say we could have done that better, I should be able to do this, I would have been able to achieve this if….

Here we learn to listen to our bodies that we have here in this moment, without critical evaluation, concentrating on our breath and other senses and communicating with another in who we place complete trust. This can be extremely rewarding for those who are ready for this type of approach and it should not be rushed. Please get in touch to discuss this workshop or either of the charities mentioned above.

Tigs taking part in the Trust and Compassion workshop.
Tigs modelling one of the blindfolds.
Katherine taking part in the Trust and Compassion workshop.
Tigs climbing, Katherine belaying.