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Outdoor Trips

Take a look below to find out about our trips climbing outdoors! More will be added as they happen!

Katherine abseiling down a sea cliff in Pembrokeshire. In the background is a beautiful deep blue sea.
Katherine abseiling.
Chris climbing outside on a sea cliff. He is looking up to the camera with a big grin.
Sophie, Chris and Katherine after a long day climbing. They are at the top of a cliff with the open sea behind them.
Sophie, Chris and Katherine.
Sophie climbing in Pembrokeshire, taken from above. She is looking up at the camera smiling with deep green-blue sea behind her.
Chris preparing to abseil. Tigs and Chris are looking down the cliff behind them.
Chris preparing to abseil.
Chris climbing outside. He is considering his next move, taken from below.
Esme, George and Caine in the Peak district ready to climb.
Esme, George and Caine.
Caine Climbing in the Peak District, almost at the top, just about to make his next move.
George at the top of a climb on an outcrop of rock, choosing what protective gear to use next. Behind him the suns rays are just breaking through the clouds.
George placing gear.
Caine climbing up a corner of rock, removing rock protection as he climbs. he is looking up at the camera and smiling.
Caine seconding, removing gear as he climbs.
Katherine climbing, looking up and smiling. Esme is belaying in the background.
Katherine climbing, Esme belaying.
Mary climbing, looking up and smiling. Esme is below taking a picture.
Mary climbing, Esme below.
George leaning against the rock at the top, looking down smiling.
Esme ready to abseil, Sophie is wrapped up warm in the background.
Esme ready to abseil.
Esme peaking around the edge of a rock as she climbs. Sophie and Katherine are sitting on a bouldering mat behind wrapped up warm.
Esme climbing, Sophie and Katherine behind.
Esme belaying on the top of the rock, with lots of ropes around her, looking down over the edge.
Esme belaying.
Esme leading on two ropes. Her foot is on a ledge at waist height ready to make a move.
Esme leading.
Sophie wrapped up warm ready to guard all the kit while club members were climbing.
Tigs standing by a bouldering mat looking into the red sunset
Katherine, Mary, Esme and Tigs in their climbing gear smiling in front of the rock. Tigs is holding a bouldering mat
Katherine, Mary, Esme and Tigs.
Freddie climbing, smiling at the camera

Climbing trip in North Wales where we stayed in the Ceunant climbing club hut for a few nights. Take a look at our blog post about the North Wales trip to find out what Katy got up to!

Katy on a tramper, with Laly and Folly in North Wales
Katy, Laly and Folly.
Katy, Laly, Sophie and Winnie warming up in the climbing club hut.
Katy, Laly, Sophie and Winnie.
Katy on a tramper, with Laly and Folly in North Wales, with Sophie, Tigs and Winnie in the background.
Katy, Laly and Folly in North Wales.
Katy setting off towards rock in the distance.
Katy in North Wales.
Katy with Winnie on her lap, looking at each other smiling.
Katy and Winnie.
Katy making her way up the rock.
Katy climbing.
Katy climbing, nearly at the top, Tigs is belaying.
Tigs belaying Katy.
Katy with Winnie on her lap, both smiling.
Katy and Winnie.

In August 2019 we took Dakota and her family outside to climb for the first time. Dakota's mum Mary said it was "a fantastic family experience which gave Dakota a day out and helped her overcome her anxiety, gain confidence and showed her that she can accomplish anything!!!! Her strength and mobility has improved dramatically and her determination is astounding all thanks to Paraclimbing."

Dakota climbing, taken from above showing the belayers and coutryside in the background
Dakota climbing.
Dakota climing, looking up at the camera.
Dakota having great fun.
Dakota making her way up the rock.
Dakota at the top of the rock, ready to be lowered back to the ground.
At the top!
Rob, Mary Tigs and Dakota.
Dakota's proud parents, Rob and Mary, with Dakota and Tigs (from left to right).
Dakota and her family arriving ready to get going.
Dakota and family arriving at Windgather.
Dakota and her mum with a hot drink.
Dakota and her mum have a break to warm up.
Dakota ready to climb, her mum ready to belay with Tigs helping.
Dakota ready to have another go.
Redpoint Birmingham's Mobile climbing wall on loan for the day at the Accessible Games 2019 in Sutton Coldfield.