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CWI training reflections

by Karina

As mentioned in our previous blog post, Sophie Campbell and a group of WMPC volunteers completed their Climbing Wall Instructor (CWI) training. We're pleased to say that Sophie has passed her assessment - congratulations :)

Here are her reflections on the course: 


"A couple of weeks ago I finally passed my climbing wall instructor qualification ( I still have to do my first aid training day but the climbing part I passed).  

Having been climbing for 10 years I thought it about time I consolidated some of my knowledge to help the club grow and enable our regular sessions on a Friday to have more novice climbers.  Even though I am a relatively experienced climber most of my climbing has been for my own means but things have changed since setting up West Midlands Paraclimbing club as I wanted to give more than I was to society.  I love watching novices grow into competent climbers and get so much out of climbing just like I have these past ten years.

Redpoint Birmingham have been extremely supportive to us as a club so I can't thank them enough, they even let me go and shadow at the weekends to try and further my experience of working with groups to prepare me for the assessment. 

Joby Davis was my instructor for the training and my assessment, he is a very thorough and knowledgeable instructor and makes the training and assessment fun and not too scary!  For those who have done the training or are planned to do their training in the coming months if I can do it anyone can! I am happy to go through things with you on a Friday or on any other day when I am doing some personal climbing.

Sophie Campbell (Co-Founder of WMPC)" 

Sophie's CWI assessment day

Sophie’s CWI assessment day

Sophie's CWI assessment day

Sophie’s CWI assessment day was thumbs up, promise :)

…it was thumbs up, promise :)