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Archive of: Adventures and Challenges

  • Itsy Bitsy Spider...

    New Year means new challenges and adventures for WMPC climbers! Check out Mary P. and Dan's adventure in a climbing wall in Hereford...even if you're scared of spiders ;) 

    "I went on an adventure to Hereford at the end of January to try out green spider climbing with Dan. They’ve got some really nice and different routes which were a lot of fun to try and work out. They’ve also got a huge arch (leading only) which looks like it would be fun to climb, and also a bit scary! I’ll definitely be going back there again at some point, but maybe not the day before a big deadline like this time 😬 Big thank you to Dan for the day and showing me all the best routes!  By Mary P."

  • WMPC 2019 frolics

    It’s been an interesting and exciting year for WMPC: 

    * We have had new, highly motivated members.

    * WMPC co-founder, Sophie, and some of our volunteers, Katherine, Jess, Harrison, Charlotte, Sophie T. have completed Climbing Wall Instructor training (CWI) and hoping to have their formal assessments in 2020. 

    * Tigs completed his Rock Climbing Instructor training 

  • Katy takes it outdoors

    This trip marks a momentous occasion for the club member, Katy, as it was the first time she has been climbing outdoors. Tigs, Sophie, Katy, Laly and Folly took a trip down to Wales to give Katy her first outdoor climbing experience. After a few hiccups and set backs they finally got to climbing... But how did Katy feel about it? You can find out by checking out Katy's experience as described in her own words.